Can a PhD degree,

body { Background-color: blue; } A PhD is a weird degree – it’ll hold you back at the beginning of your career, but towards the end, it will be an invaluable asset. Right after you finish your Ph.D., you’ll find that you’re overqualified for most entry-level positions, and the few openings there are for Ph.D.’sContinue reading “Can a PhD degree,”

Good observer: Wednesday

My favorite Quote so far: “A thousand half-loves must be forsaken to take one whole heart home.” — Rumi Some say the author is talking about lovers, urging them to devote their heart to one person. Some people are convinced that the author is talking about GOD with everlasting love. “Forsake everything else for God”..Continue reading “Good observer: Wednesday”

What to do when your career takes a detour?

In July 2016 my company experienced the unforgiving floods ever that almost turn the factory upside down, many types of equipment and machines were destroyed by floods. raw materials in the Defrost Chiller, Vegetable chiller was turned into mud. work in progress products scattered in the production floor. Finished products in the Blast freezers andContinue reading “What to do when your career takes a detour?”